Got my calendar


Well I received my calendar. We start next week getting ready for the stem cell transplant! I’m so happy to get going but also really scared. I’m really lucky to have a great wife, family, and friends to lean on. They have been the best! I know the really hard part is about to come. This Friday is my last day @ work until August. I’m going to miss my Slalom Family they have been the best. Also, I’ve been informed that I need to self- quarantine starting today. That means I can’t sneak off to Zavala’s Barbecue on Friday nights. Also, I won’t be there watching from my car on Saturdays. That makes me sad, but I have the best team in the world and cameras all over the place. I know I’m already annoying them with texts. I have like 5 group texts going on. I’m a really bad texter too. I should have more post coming soon, and happen more often.

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