What’s in my head

Day #2

5/26/2020 Found out today that I will have to be in the hospital for part of my stem cell transplant. I was really hoping to be at my house, but I have to listen to my doctor. I trust him! Really hope I can sleep tonight because I hate surgeries so much! Want to thankContinue reading “Day #2”

Day #1

5/25/2020 Today is my son’s birthday! He turned 2! We did a birthday cake and sang happy birthday. He loved it. Christan is making his favorite food, spaghetti. I had to go get COVID testing this morning. They did the antibody and regular test. Man they shove that swab up all the way up yourContinue reading “Day #1”

Got my calendar

5/20/2020 Well I received my calendar. We start next week getting ready for the stem cell transplant! I’m so happy to get going but also really scared. I’m really lucky to have a great wife, family, and friends to lean on. They have been the best! I know the really hard part is about toContinue reading “Got my calendar”

And I wait

5/12/2020 I’m starting to get a little anxious. Waiting on insurance to approve the Stem Cell Transplant. I should hear something this week. I know it takes time, but I would like to know if they said yes to move forward. It’s been a long weekend at our house. We are so close to beingContinue reading “And I wait”

Why am I doing this?

5/8/2020 Fuck! That’s what I said the week before Thanksgiving to my Doctor when he told me I might have cancer. I went home and told Christan my wife and fell asleep @ 4:30pm. All I could think about there is no way I have Cancer. I found out I did have cancer on 12/10/2019.Continue reading “Why am I doing this?”

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